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1998  Kendall Jackson-Vintner's Reserve 

Glass...$6.50     Bottle..$27.00

Smooth, ripe and creamy, with complex pear, apple and spice tones that are supple and tender.


Simi from California /Sonoma

Glass...$6.50    Bottle..$27.00


Chateau St.Jean from Sonoma

Glass...$7.00    Bottle..$27.00


Rose mount from Australia

Glass..$6.00    Bottle..$23.00  


Franciscan / Napa

Glass...$8.00  Bottle..$30.00


L'ecole 41 / Washington

Glass...$8.50 Bottle$31.00


Jordan Chardonnay / California



Chateu Potelle VGS / Napa




Geyser Peak - Johannisberg
Glass..$4.95      Bottle..$22.00
Kendal Jackson Riesling from California
Glass...$5.25     Bottle..$24.00

BEAULIEU VINEYARD-Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass..$4.95      Bottle..$22.00

Corbett  Canyon (House Wine)

Glass..$395     Carafe..$9.95






Geyser Peak - Merlot

Glass..$4.95    Bottle..$22.00


Corbett  Canyon (House Wine)

Glass..$395     Carafe..$9.95


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