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Haruno Japanese Sushi bar & Grill restaurant opened January,1999. It is located in Springfield, Missouri at   3044 S. Fremont Avenue in the Fremont Plaza. Having been opened nearly 10 years, Haruno is busy every lunch and dinner.

 We hope your dining experience will be enjoyable. If you experience to keep from long wait, we invite you to consider joining us for dinner during the early evenings when there is usually very little or no wait at all.
For a quiet, relaxed dining experience at Haruno, Come join us in the evening. 

Thank you very much for choosing Haruno Japanese Sushi bar & Grill.

About the sushi bar

Haruno features small but fabulous sushi bar that seats 6 or 7 people. Sitting at the Sushi Bar is a social event, offering the opportunity to chat with other patrons and discover new and exotic dishes that others order. It's also an entertaining and educational experience watching the practiced sushi chefs demonstrate their skills. Table service is also available.


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    Haruno Next Door

We have expanded.

Come and experience Haruno sushi bar and Grill's new expansion, Haruno Next Door.


This Facility is an extremely contemporary facility with the room covered in shiny stainless steel and blue décor.


Were becoming one of Springfield's most popular nightspots featuring a full bar with over 30 types of sake, an exclusive martini list, and a full dinner and sushi menu. Plus, to assist in your dining convenience we now feature the the only Midnight sushi bar in the Springfield area with an experienced and friendly staff able to meet all of your dining needs.


And, to top it all off, we provide live jazz music Wednesday through Saturday evening for your listening pleasure.



Live Jazz



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So, come and experience a wonderful and exciting time in the most exquisite Japanese restaurant in town.


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